Carol Sullivan, Director of The Blossom Foundation
Carol was inspired by the lives and works of people like John Denver, Pearl S. Buck, Maya Angelou and Buckminster Fuller.

We don't have to accept the world as it is. 

Each one of us can help implement changes; some of them small; some of them enormous, to help the world and its inhabitants. 

In the words of ShuiHu Chuan, "All Men Are Brothers." We are one. 

When you begin to feel the pain of the hungry in Ethiopia, or the sorrow of the unloved older orphan in Moscow, you will also be able to feel their joy when they are given the chance at a better life; a life filled with love, health care, education, enough food to eat, and hope for the future.


Carol Sullivan, Blossom Foundation Director
Taken on April 23, 2000 at St.David the King Church, West Windsor NJ