Links of Blossom Foundation
These links provide a sample of works by other people who make this world a much better place to live and grow in.


  • John Denver's life was dedicated to peace. This link tells us about a special "peace cloth" created in his memory.

  • Jean-Michel Cousteau continues his father's undersea legacy, urging protection of the world's oceans.

  • Helga Tacreiter was able to buy a farm by selling the development rights, thus starting a sanctuary for abused and neglected cows. Helga now needs your support to continue caring for her many cows of all shapes and sizes.  They generally do not have calves and therefore produce no milk. Helga will not kill them for meat, so she needs steady income to care for the farm and the cows.  Helga's work makes us think more about the quality of life of the animals we eventually may eat.  Please support Helga's important work.

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Carol Sullivan, Blossom Foundation Director
Carol Sullivan believes in teaching children about the existence of the God who created us and who loves us.  Join your local church, synagogue, or mosque.  Attend regular religious services with your family, friends, neighbors.  It is only through moral and religious instruction, along with tolerance of the religion of others, will the world become a kinder, better place..