Welcome to the Blossom Foundation for Children and the Environment  

Mission Statement:
  • To better the quality of childrens' lives throughout the world.
  • To encourage adoptions of hard-to-place children.
  • To encourage more families to become quality foster families.
  • To help prevent violence against children.
  • To help prevent the exploitation of children.
  • To encourage conservation efforts throughout the world.
  • To encourage the preservation of our forests and natural areas.
  • To encourage the awareness and enjoyment of nature.
  • Valuing children who are considered outcasts in our society, i.e., the shy and withdrawn child, the mentally handicapped, the physically or emotionally handicapped, the child who for whatever reason, is considered "different."


Foundation Address:
The Blossom Foundation for Children and the Environment
Carol Sullivan, Executive Director

Speaking Engagements:
Carol Sullivan is available as a speaker at your event. For more information, please email Carol at EagleBlossom@aol.com.



Please contact us by clicking on this link: The Blossom Foundation.

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For some questions, there are no easy answers, such as the ones sorrounding adoptees' search for their birthright parents. An Adoptee's Right to Know gives suggestions to people looking for their birth parents. Click here to view the website.